Time to Start Figuring Out this Ol’ Jalopy

Originally published on the Objectis site, which is, practically, defunct.

With the news that Google is killing Reader, they are moving from content collection (which was enough to send some people running for the hills) towards content control, and that’s where I want out of Dodge.

A lot of my stuff is based on availability of information. People must be free to distribute information as they see fit. RSS was a technology that changed how people viewed news. In a sense, one could argue that it was RSS more than anything that killed the old media by opening up independent content publishers to compete on an equal footing with them. Insofar as Google enabled that, they changed the industry.

However, it’s obvious they now want to change the direction of that industry as they see fit, destroying the livelihoods of thousands– if not millions– in the process. But Google offers good services. They’ve gone from “Do no evil” to “make yourself as much a necessary evil as possible.” Well, my patience is gone.