So long, Objectis, We Hardly Knew Ye

Well, today is the day. I’ve spent nearly a month disconnecting myself from Google. I’ve changed to a different phone online, moved the blogs, turned Reredos into a book and moved my main site to Objectis.

And then I had to leave Objectis. Again.

The first time I left was my own fault. Plone is an incredibly complex CMS. However, if you get into the deep grind of it, you have virtually unlimited power to do what you want. Of course, when I started, all I wanted was a blog client to replace Blogger (it’s taken 2 years since I first wanted to get rid of Google) and so I went back to Blogger when I realized just how complex Plone was.

The most recent time, however, I found that the system is so powerful you can lock yourself out and if you aren’t hosting your own Plone site, you have to wait for the administrators to do it. I earned my own defeat, and don’t fault them– they are busy with hundreds, if not thousands of sites, and it appears to be an involved process to make a new admin on a single site.

After over three weeks of waiting, though, I am holding myself back with the wait. So I am leaving. Since I did try last year, I figured I will return to it. It is far more limited than the self-hosted installation, but it is free with an ad, which I think is more than fair.

As for Objectis, I wish them the best. They are promoting a good CMS and if you are a power user or non-profit I say give them a run. Outside of fighting the supercompanies (Google, Facebook, et cetera), though, I am simply not so dogmatic about getting out and moving.

This will be fine here.