Last Post on the Cosmos Until at Least Summer

Update: Just noticed that BigSoccer now has a Cosmos/NASL hit piece, along with the typical MLS cheerleading and raging, AS THEIR FRONT PAGE ARTICLE. (A Robert Redford movie AND Field of Dreams reference? Why not just reference Moneyball?) Love it!

Thanks to both supporters and haters, my Open Letter to the New York Cosmos has been one of the most popular reads on my blog, whether this one or the last (possibly the most popular). It’s been summarized in a few places, so I am not going to repeat its basic points.

Because now I am sure I have to take it down.  Immediately.  So I have a copy, but I am removing it from the site directly. Let me explain why.

You see, in the days that followed it accomplished at least a proximate goal, if not the central goal: whether or not the Cosmos knew what was going on– I haven’t received confirmation either way nor do I expect them to respond to some blogger (who still has to buy his tickets)– it was important that some of the New York fan base knew what was going on. The letter was cited (without prompting) on This is Cosmos Country, where there was actually a respectful debate. And I linked it on Big Soccer, which started fights with all sorts of people. It spread on Twitter, thanks to friends.

It needed noise, and it got noise. On the Borough Boys’ forum, it was decided to put individual views on MLS on the back burner and focus on a successful 2013 season. But in observing the forum, it also became clear to me that a lot dedicated people put a lot of time and money into making the Cosmos a success and were not so much disloyal as they were afraid– and seriously disheartened–  that with the MUFC move  MLS had just gone and burned their work to a crisp. (For my part, I think this is desperate gamemanship on MLS’ part, and they are using bravado to scare the Cosmos fanbase. Just wait for August, guys. Your work is worth it.)

Though I am pretty sure I have burned a lot of bridges, it appears to me that supporters of the Cosmos are more united than ever.

Which is why my letter is now being used by MLS-bots as proof that the opposite is happening, and trying to create the false impression that the BB’s are in chaos when in fact the BB’s appear to be just fine.  Since the person who ultimately controls the letter is me, that means without removing the letter I become part of the problem, as opposed to the solution.

As for solutions people suggested: A few people have suggested I join Sagan’s Army. Technically, I’m kind of in Sagan’s Army though I haven’t attended a meeting yet. That said, I’ve said none of this on the Army forum, because I’d like to stay there, and not be thrown out for being a troublemaker. (Update: Sagan’s Army now has a Yonkers Brigade/Westchester Battalion, to which I have been conscripted. Hurrah!)

Some have pointed out the team should not be in charge of making their own supporters groups. And they are right. A few said “why not start your own.” Well, in the first place, I’m not in New York city (I’m in lower Westchester) and in the second– contrary to what some may have mistakenly gleaned from my letter–I am not a fan of dividing the supporter base. Doesn’t mean I might not try it anyway, however.

But those who have linked to this article will have this to read instead.

Something like the Cosmos coming back is bound to produce a variety of reactions. My reaction, especially not knowing some of the background in this case may have been too, well, um, overprotective. (And I understand that may also be upsetting for people who worked on this a couple of years. Sorry guys.) The Cosmos don’t need me or anyone to protect them; just to support them. And that’s true for me, the BB’s, Sagan’s Army, La Banda and the rest of the New York Metropolitan area.

So that’sa what ah’m gonna do.