NFTU, Soccer and UEFI Scares: Ah, the Fast

A few short notes: today, for the first time in over a month, I posted a story to NFTU. Hieromonk Enoch has basically been maintaining the site in my absence, and I really appreciate it. I will try to be more “regular” with it now.

Short copy of a post from the Sofia Echo, about one of the Bulgarian “Holy Synod”‘s Soviet-era Agent-turned-Bishops, found dead on a beach from drowning.


I’m kind of glad for the summer break in me favorite sport of soccer for, among other things, a selfish reason: the Apostles’ Fast. For those on the New Calendar who forget (or aren’t aware) that the Fast occurs every year, the Apostles’ Fast precedes the feast of Sts Peter and Paul, from the week after Pentecost until the feast, which falls on June 29 (July 12 NS).

It is a violation of justice that everyone else may eat sausage sandwiches and grilled hamburgers while yours truly gets stuck with a tuna salad (hold the mayo) during a game. One can only eat nachos and salsa for so long, sir!

Thankfully, the Cosmos Copa starts right after the feast.


We had our first “UEFI scare” yesterday: my brother-in-law gifted Diaconissa with a little computer, on which she I promptly attempted to install an OS.

And it wouldn’t let her me.

It seemed like a modern enough machine that we began worrying if this was the first UEFI problem we’d have to deal with. Yet, against almost a half-dozen operating systems, not a single one would boot from USB.

Concerned that this might be the beginning of the end, Diaconissa worked frantically through the night, discovering booting was still available through CD. She succeeded at 5 AM.

But how terrifying would it be if you could only use a Microsoft operating system– or else nothing? If that sounds scary, well, then, don’t read this.