Early Morning, Wakey Wakey 

SImageo here we are at 6 AM in the Signoria. Quiet and peaceful. I haven’t written much personally, because so much of life has become unfortunately attached to the computer.

Which is a shame, because I can walk to the corner and see the beautiful mountain ranges in bright autumn colors to either side of me instead of spending time talking about soccer on Twitter. A bigger shame, as I am neglecting the tiny domestic chapel I used to dream of one day making use of. A huge shame, as I should pay more attention to my youngest son.

So much time has been spent just trying to survive I think I’ve forgotten how to be a productive husband, father, and cleric. I’m relearning life and there isn’t much of a curve to grade on, so I guess I get a “D” for the quarter and have to work my way up to a “B” this term. (Unless, God forbid, this is the end, and life ends on a “D”. Again, I hope not.)

In any case, I thought about this late last night, having become a huge fan of using Puppy Linux, particularly Slacko, just as its main developer has decided to retire. I hope he reconsiders or at least puts together a team of dedicated users (Puppy has a lot of them) to keep the project going. I’m going to help in whatever way I can; if Puppy can keep going, I’ll base another Colorwheel on it. (Puppy has hundreds of wonderful respins. What a creative community!)

But that wasn’t my idea. The size of Puppy did get me thinking, however: what would it be like to create a “blank” Puppy running Wine, with a slight modification to it to run its virtual desktop that calculates the size of the screen at startup? I just think it’s funny that so much of Windows runs through Wine just fine that in theory a thin-client “Wine OS” (getting old; I had to double check my use of the term “thin-client”) is theoretically possible already. Were I to do that (I’m not) I’d probably call it “ThinWinPup”.

I finally have another book idea! I’ll talk about that some other time. Like when it’s written.