How Milan Can Fix Itself

Since it appears that my style of writing has for some reason been an offense, I will attempt to explain to the outsiders to the West European and American Metropolias what precisely has to be done for Milan to return to the fold.

We’ve already explained in detail in semi-official fashion Milan’s transgressions with documentation as well as our own actions in response.

Since the see of Bergamo has been granted by Tomos all the rights previously held by Milan (and in fact they are quite close to each other) it stands to reason that the former Metropolitan Evloghios, well aware of the ecclesiastical reality, and his compatriots must repent to Metropolitan Onufrie of Bergamo. They obviously will not be granted jurisdiction over the flock they have abandoned since that has already been granted to another. It is quite possible that due to his machinations and other (to put it kindly) personal issues, that former Bishop Abundius shall be officially reduced to the status of a monk.

The other “Bishops” shall have to be dealt with on their own actions. In particular, Bishop Ildefonso is a unique case, having submitted his obedience to the Americans as a European apocrisarius as well as maintaining good relations with Bergamo, while the “new Milanese” claim he is now a Bishop among them; thus it is unclear as to whether he has abandoned his station or is simply being slandered by false association. As the Bishop of Germany seems to vacillate back and forth he too will have to explain his actions, although theoretically he was not– until now– under any sort of interdict.

Finally, there is the issue of the “pocket Bishop” Vladimiro, formerly of Orta Iulia. He has repeatedly retired, and yet acted as a consecrator for Abundius without general consent of the Synod and now the new “Bishops”. Since it appears he acts solely as a rubber stamp for the former Metropolitan Evloghios his role in this schism shall have to be addressed.

It is unfortunate that I have to explain the canonical procedure among True Orthodox whom- to my knowledge- would understand it perfectly were they thinking about their own jurisdictions; it’s not like we have another Rudder. Were we all to extend such mutual courtesy the foregoing explanation would be obviously superfluous. Such “trained ignorance” does nothing but increase suspicion among our own people of other True Orthodox, which is something we have done everything in our power to reduce over the years among others. The irony is amazing and sad.

Published to the Euphrosynos Cafe’s ridiculous Secret Forum.