My friend goes to a Western Rite Orthodox Church and it’s strange.

Certain aspects of Western Rite Orthodoxy are bound to look odd to an Easterner. However, many things in what calls itself “Western Rite Orthodoxy” are simply late Anglican or late Roman Catholic holdovers that, while sometimes comforting to a convert priest or parish, have nothing to do with Orthodoxy. Here’s a list of red flags that should make you go running:

  1. Stations of the Cross
  2. Flat Wafers at Communion (all Orthodox use leavened bread of different types)
  3. Pews
  4. Statues
  5. Really Gaudy Statues with transparent hearts
  6. Lace
  7. Lace on clergy or servers!
  8. Organs
  9. Musical instrument sections
  10. Hymnals
  11. “Daily Rosary Society” (This one’s complicated, since most rosary prayers are ok, so I’ll explain soon in another question. Just trust me for now.)

If you see any or all of the above, you’ve walked into a “convergence” church of some sort, regardless of affiliation.

Best to find another Church, and if possible, suggest the same to your friend.