What should Orthodox Christians do when there’s no Church around?

There are two answers to this question, depending on what (a) is available and (b) what your spiritual father tells you.

The first is (and everyone should know how to do this anyway) is to say typica on Sundays and feastdays. Typica is a shortened service (this is a good one) which allows you to read the readings and pray with the Church when you aren’t available. There are a few forms and variations of typica, so it is less important to get bogged down in which is “the best one” and more important to say it.

The second way, done by many of our Orthodox ancestors, especially the ones who couldn’t read, is to show up to Church no matter the cost. Every week, True Orthodox travel hours to get to Church. But the cost of travelling is cheaper, and it is easier than ever to get to Church for many people in America.

For others, this is just not the case, and for them, saying typica and planning attendance to Church regularly under the guidance of their spiritual father is a must.