Stalkers and Folks Who Admire Serial Killers: Your “ROCOR Refugees”, Everyone

Well it seems “Minas” is now stalking a bit more earnestly. It appears he’s somehow found a way to get a private picture of my wife (he seems to get private pictures of other women as well, meaning that he’s probably either using a friend as a dupe, or more likely, pretending to be someone else) for his alleged “satire”. Apparently knowing he’s getting sued inspires him.

He’s even appealing for help from his pal Joanna Higginbotham, a woman so crazy her own priest thinks a cease-and-desist order is the best way to handle her harassment. And apparently, in response to my mention of a pending lawsuit, she thinks people who sue other people are ready to murder them. She then quotes her favorite serial killer.


For Michael Christie’s part, I think he’s just an aging loser who’s using his “crusade” to stare at women’s pictures. For some reason he needed to contact my wife before me, as he began his little crazy quest.  And not just my wife, he did this to some other guy’s wife too! (In forensics, that’s called an MO). Then he starts searching their photos, employing illegal means to do it. Weirdos of this sort typically aim to stalk women because either their home lives are miserable or they’re on some sort of psychotic power trip. They need to bully innocent parties and total strangers in the name of a “higher calling” (which is an excuse). Perhaps his marriage is failing. Maybe his wife is finally legally able to live in the country and she packed up with the kids. Beats me, and to be honest, I don’t care.

Whatever the case may be, it seems he doesn’t realize how many laws he’s breaking, moving what would be a civil lawsuit to a criminal case.

He certainly doesn’t get what “libel and slander” mean. Making note of a criminal record, or proven quotes for example, is not libel nor slander. Publicly lying to people about someone’s marriage is. Making up false biographies is.

Looking for– and putting up someone’s private photographs is criminal. Harassment of someone’s wife? Criminal, whether religious, or sexual. And sadly, Michael (“Minas”) is supposedly oblivious to this. He acts convinced we’re just throwing insults at each other. He seems oblivious to the fact that he’s actually committing criminal acts and documenting them all over the Internet. He seems to not realize just how much of the stuff he put up is illegal. Sure, not felony illegal (if the harassment keeps up it can eventually get there) but pinstripes-and-sweeping-I95-for-the-next-year illegal. And that’s more than good enough for me.

Some things are not criminal acts, however, like putting up home ownership records on the Internet. Like this.

See, Mikey? In your attempt to bully someone who wouldn’t take it, I am literally taking note of all the illegal activity you and your friends are committing because you’re either too evil or too stupid (TBH, I think it’s the latter) to realize it. I asked you– the three of you– to stop. Repeatedly. I asked you to stop bothering me. Stop bothering my friends and family. (Did you think I was asking because I thought you would? Please. I tried that for years. Documentation, fool!) And then you and your fellow psychopaths took it further. You thought that was a cute little attack site, thinking you guys covered your First Amendment bases because you wrote “satire” on it?
Meh. Just don’t forget to be home to sign the papers, creep.