A Busy Week With Little Done Moves to a Needed Non-Week Productivity Boost 

Remember the “mood” tag they used to have on blogs? I really wish there was one right now. I’d put

Mood: Scatterbrained

At the top, or the bottom, or wherever the dynamic interface put my mood.

It’s 7:24 (at the time of this writing) in the Signoria. Time to make coffee. But the coffee maker broke, so I was trying to use the sustainable espresso pot. (How is it “sustainable”? Well, the coffee grounds are transformed into useful mulch and it solar heats your coffee so it’s ready by sunset it creates no unneeded waste like a coffee filter.) After taking the pot apart and discovering I couldn’t put it back together again I decided to simply boil water and run it through the coffee filter into the decanter, which, because a coffee pot moves more slowly than a human desperately pouring water through a broken coffee maker’s stationary half, caused delicious coffee grounds to make it right into my coffee.

I’d have had better luck using a sock.

Some writing to do today, some calls to do today, and Christmas break has begun for all of my kiddies save for one sad boy who has another two days. I feel for him, and I shall work in his honor. Sure I don’t have a Christmas celebration for two more weeks really, but there’s plenty to do in the interim! So that will be the main point of my focus this week. Considering my mind wants me to get everything done, hopefully some delicious chunky coffee will wake me up sufficiently to get this done.

And I still haven’t made it out to the farm for some local, now last-seasonal produce in a month. So I have to. These waxed vegetables aren’t cutting it. (The poultry guy probably misses me– yeah, I know a guy— so I’m going to have to explain the generalities of fasting periods so he doesn’t think I died from after eating healthy, non-factory slaughtered beasts). And Church stuff. Lots of Church stuff. And money. Not much money. And chunky coffee.

Lots do do.

I was going to suggest a nice punk song for the morning, but figuring ol’ crazy guy still reads this, I’m recommending “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer“.

Carry on!