No social media except this blog, day three

So this has been odd so far. I’ve chosen to not log into Facebook or Twitter for a third day. I feel a sort of withdrawal from it. For Twitter, it’s not so bad. I had forced myself to take a week off last month. For Facebook, it’s weird. A number of real-life contacts are on it and seem to use it almost exclusively. ┬áIt definitely proves the adage that Facebook is for who you know and Twitter is for who you want to know.

I don’t feel lonely (I live with my family, so) but I do wonder how everyone’s doing on Twitter. Supposedly it would be different if I used social media on a tablet or phone, where it’d be more available but less accessible to me on the desktop. Certainly I’ve been breezing through work since I can’t use Twitter to break the monotony. I guess the harassment by trolls made me retreat into a less public view, but cutting the cord is something I think I needed to do anyway.

Anyway, if there are any emergencies or requests to talk, it’s probably best to use email. If you already have it, it will be faster than social media for the moment.