Have You Seen Q4OS Yet?

If you haven’t, you really should. Someone went out of their way to make a Linux distro that actually looks (and pretty much works) like Windows XP without all the hassles of using Windows XP.


Yes, this is a Linux System you’re staring at, based on Debian. I know, because I used it yesterday. Source here.


The Internet Explorer buttons, of course, lead you to a themed version of Konqueror, KDE’s old browser, which to be fair is about as effective as IE8 right now. (Of course, the Wine layer can be easily added, meaning if you were truly a masochist you could in fact install Internet Explorer 8.)

The functionality impressed me enough that I was going to send a screenshot, and then watched in confusion as no screenshot popped up as I pressed the button. Surprise! For those who have since forgotten Windows XP, screenshots are saved to the clipboard! (You know you’ve made a decent Linux-WinXP bridge when it actually makes Linux users of a few years uncomfortable.)

You can check out Q4OS at https://q4os.org/ and the WinXP theme at https://xpq4.sourceforge.net/.