#2017Goals: #MakeInternetGreatAgain

So I dropped everyone from my friends list on Facebook today except family members (close and distant) and found it was still ticking me off because of years of using the “Groups” feature.┬áSocial media and I haven’t gotten on well.

Been looking at ways to get back to the real internet, which still exists, although it’s been completely overshadowed by social media. That’s taken a lot of the fun out of it, and I think I need to get back to enjoying what it’s really about– the sharing and spreading of information that’s relevant to more than one person on more than one today.

So the experiment continues with a new thought experiment: can I get back to the internet of independent contribution to the great fount of public knowledge and experience personal growth without getting caught up in constant daily back-and-forths of social media rage? Will I actually ever regularly check email again? We’ll see.