Orthodoxy and Racism: Why You’re All Wrong

I’ve wanted to have a debate on Orthodoxy and modern racism (whether WN or alt-rightism) for the past year, but strangely I’ve found no one willing to do it. Weird. On the one hand, it’s almost like there’s another anti-intellectual strain trying to make its way in without any examination of their views. On the other, seems like people holding to a more liberal paradigm don’t want to feel uncomfortable in the process.
And on either side, like white folks on both extremes seem to have an issue with self-reflection. And don’t get me started on our Orthodox who are American┬áminorities. I know almost no black Orthodox (I think like three), and Latino Orthodox are divided between some going full-Native reversion and others pretending they were part of the Vikings.
And I thought I was bad for voting for Trump.
The closest thing I got to a debate was helping prosecute Matt Johnson’s deposition trial, and he didn’t even have the fortitude to show up, going on his little racist sites saying “I wuz framed” and blah blah blah.

So I find both sides on this matter laughable. On the one hand we have a Salon writer talking about how Orthodoxy is a “home for White Nationalism” when the subjects of her article have been excommunicated, while leaving alone the fact that racism has been part of the fabric of most of American Orthodoxy for the past 30 years (come on, how many parishes survive urbanization of their neighborhoods? Here’s a hint: almost none. Why? Because converting minorities is super-tougher than just inheriting the old parish’s kids, and — surprise– most of them won’t be there because of White Flight!)

On the other, we have a position to which I am somewhat more sympathetic, which is that Orthodoxy never viewed itself this way, but then jumps to the extrapolation that it isn’t a home for racism now (which isn’t true, as there are loads of places where basically anyone short of a wearing a tattoo of Hitler on his face can probably spend his life in peace among other white folks with his views, and he even gets the benefit of learning a foreign language sometimes!)

The cold reality is this: Orthodoxy will reach out to minorities when we, the Orthodox, actually try to reach out to minorities in more than our minds. But since we’re ensconced in ecumenism, why bother? We can just reach out to all the heretical white people and feel good about “outreach”! The reality is neither that Orthodoxy is a “home for white nationalism” nor a modern “multi-ethnic Church” in America, and the fault on that falls on us as the Orthodox, and that requires us to see “the other” as what they are in most cases: heterodox who need saving just as badly as the rest of us, no matter what race they are.

That falls squarely on us– collectively, of all races– and no one else. And allow me to add, this won’t become anything more than internal and political mumbo-jumbo-ing until the discussion involves more than white folks talking at each other.