Where has this site been all these years?

The short answer is here, till I lost my login information and a random vagante grabbed my intended blogspot and I put up the wrong link. Most of the info is still good, even if the blogspot doesn’t. (It’s not the 1998 original- that was destroyed on Angelfire in 2001– but a recreated version from 2006. Hopefully I don’t have to do it again.)

It’s also been here.

And here!

And don’t forget here!

Shoot, somehow a site I can’t get to (don’t worry, most of the data was redundant as you can see if you’re that interested) is even cited in a footnote! I didn’t even write that book!

As for a period where I had a lot more focus on Western Rites (and I still do) there was the Reredos period (from 2007– the Google period– to about 2012– when I de-Googled and switched to Objectis for a few, finally creating my main personal site) after which I basically retired from doing apologetics at all until 2016, when I became aware of apologetics groups on Facebook. Unfortunately, this was also the period where I became aware of how much Google wants to own you… and now I realize Facebook does too. So it’s time to get all that delicious apologetics data and pick up where I left off.

If I can… for almost a decade now, my biggest fans, Mandog, Catlady and Lieutenant Dan have been slogging me, my wife, and even my Synod to the point where my useful information is now surrounded by memes that look like a deranged eight-year old made them surrounded by out-and-out lies about me, so now I am going to have to put the story of my life back together so it’s not pre-assembled for me. So I’ll be putting all the Orthodox stuff back on Let Us Attend, creating a complete whole, and all the personal stuff (really, none of you want to read about my opinions on soccer and cryptocurrency anyway). Nothing is more disgusting than realizing that your children have learned falsehoods about your past “from the Internet”, so it’s time that I take back my online life. Zuckerberg was just the tip of an iceberg that had to be melted, it would seem. Happy reading!