Streamlining Remains Inconvenient. I’m Officially Old People. Patriarch Kirill is Afraid of “the Internet.”

So two weeks into trying to move off Facebook and Twitter has been going rockily, to say the least. Still posting on FB and Twitter (under the guise of “moving people off FB and Twitter”) so that’s not quite going well. Still, it’s kind of nice to not have to worry about being zucked or anything. Just download my backup files every week and soldier on. Outside the debate and a couple of scattered pages, I’ve got Let Us Attend working ok again.

So a couple of the girls kept quoting songs from an app called Tik Tok, which is kind of like a new version of Vine, I guess, and as much as it keeps notifying me of all the allegedly cool stuff going on, I don’t find myself drawn to it. Much more satisfying signing into News360 with my email and gettting customized news without Google’s help. So I took Tik Tok off and will use News360 more. I guess that means I’m pretty old now, since I can’t waste precious space on this old tablet for ridiculous apps (another sign you’re old or a Linux addict or both: treating your old tech like it’s very valuable.)

For anyone wanting to get your news Google free and sick of Drudge’s political focus (I can only look at Drudge once or twice a day without it feeling like it’s just BAD everywhere), I’ll edit this with a link for the News360 app to get the news ad-free (the ads aren’t a big deal IMO but hey, if you can get it ad-free, why not.) I had to put in like 40 categories to get the news I want but now it works great. UPDATE: No link anymore, it;’s gone, still a great app though.

Patriarch Kirill is talking about Antichrist taking over our devices, and his concern is that Antichrist can take over the world wide web as a single entity, which means he really doesn’t actually get how the world wide web works. It’s like Trump talking about “closing the Internet”. What Patr. Kirill (and I am being charitable here) may be talking about are singular organizations like Facebook taking over the Internet, which is a valid concern, But it all reminded me of that scene in The IT Crowd where Jen tells a group of non-tech saavy stockholders that she has “brought in the internet” to show them, and ridiculousness ensues.