Busy building the Sortbox

Basically, this site is a solution to a problem which has plagued me since it was clear that Big Social was out to own all of the data, but at the same time solved a fragmentation problem that seems to plague the average website. I’ve had websites before (I’m now starting to consolidate them into this one) but for the most part, they suffer from the problem of theme: I can’t talk about politics or tech on an apologetics site. I’m not reviewing movies or soccer matches on NFTU.

Well, why not just put it under my name? Put simply, I didn’t really want something titled as my name. I did that before. I just don’t like it. I don’t know why: maybe that’s why social media works, as you feel like you are part of something greater.

But when you boil it all down, it’s really just people posting on a website. The real question is: who owns what you are writing? As of May 17, 2020 (May 4 OS) I’ve decided my data will be owned by me. And my socials can go back to what they were being meant for: primarily interpersonal communication (which will also work here.)

There’s a lot of people to thank to getting to this point. But first I have to finish building the Sortbox.