362 Days Left: Gina Carano is cancelled, James O’Keefe is off and on Twitter, and the class has learned nothing

So we’re at day #3 of the one-year experiment and we’ve now witnessed one of the stars of Lucasfilm/Disney’s The Mandalorian booted from the show (and by her agent) for agreeing with a factually correct meme (one I am pretty sure I reposted on Minds myself, but then, I don’t work for Star Wars, Inc.) This development is totally unsurprising, as the woke left had been targeting her for months and it was only a question of when.

The bigger surprise was Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe being removed from Twitter this morning. This shocked me, as O’Keefe’s biggest recent successes have usually involved lawsuits against media organizataions. I mean, Twitter was literally painting a target on its back. But hey! In typical Twitter fashion of screwing stuff up and then repositioning later, they apparently let him back on. I can’t imagine what O’Keefe would have done if they didn’t.

One realization that this brought me to was that we really need to focus on building and strengthening our organizational reach on censorship-resistant organizations. Sure, it’s nice to have a Gab account and Minds account, but the simple fact is that the censorship rabbit hole runs really deep. What about your YouTube account, for example?

And this thought process is part of why I haven’t posted a YouTube video lately. It doesn’t make me comfortable to stay as “part of the process.” But Gab TV is centralized and doesn’t provide live streaming. BitChute claims to be decentralized but the Daily Dot proved they were lying. DLive seems like it’s decentralized but a decentralized network can’t ban Alex Jones. (Think that one through– there’s lots of alt-right and even hardcore racist junk on DLive, but somehow ALEX JONES, guy who yells a lot and sells bone broth, violated some terms of service and got booted.) So there is a lot to think about.

If Infowars can get booted from a platform, I absolutely don’t want to be on that platform. Because as absolutely no one– including James O’Keefe, apparently– learned today, if you think you’re safe because you couldn’t possibly see yourself violating these “community standards,” you are still unaware of how nebulous and arbitrary these so-called community standards really are, and the crazies will hit you where they think they can take you out altogether.

Just ask Alex Jones. Or, for that matter, Gina Carano.