Pismo Beach!

Note: This experiment will last 364 days before review to determine its continuation– or when my heart gives out, whichever comes first.

So I have finally taken the plunge and purchased a domain name and hosting on Dreamhost, a hosting site well known for being content-neutral and willing to follow actual US law on matters of free speech.

Buying webspace would have been unthinkable for me a year ago– but a lot can happen in a year. A year ago I had been looking for a way to relatively permanently preserve a free online voice, at the outset of a period of time where Big Tech decided to make free speech that much more difficult. Having been around since the beginning of the internet this was always an option, but it was one that I was trying to avoid for a specific reason (…money) and of course, this was before Twitter became censorship-happy, Facebook began fact-checking even family members, and the big three tech companies decided to collectively silence the President of the United States and did so with the effort of pressing a button.

That will do for a test post.