330 Days Left: Still No Organization, New Shows Upcoming (God willing) and Big Tech Protection 

Ok, so it’s been a while since I wrote here. It’s been busy. After a debate challenge from a Mr. Nicholas Santosuosso (you can listen to that discussion here) a couple of weeks back, I actually have a few shows to do. The first, God willing, will be a discussion with JonnyKZJ of Eastern Orthodox Apologetics this weekend on the Orthodox Apologetics Channel, followed up with a guest appearance on Orthodox Christian Theology with Craig Truglia to discuss the Non-Chalcedonians with Sbdcn Daniel Kakish on March 26. Also I’ve discussed a little bit with Bishop Enoch of Apshawa to do another show on his latest research on the Hildebrandian takeover of the West.

As for the rest of this post title, I have developed an opinion, based on the past few months. I have come to the conclusion that the overwhelming majority of people I know are fully aware of Big Tech’s influence and agenda. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of people that I know do not care enough to do anything about it. Perhaps it’s because I’m a longtime Linux user, or perhaps it’s because I’ve been concerned about Google and Facebook’s influence for years, but seriously, people complain a lot about the dangers of Big Tech but they’re not on Gab, they’re not on Parler (ok honestly I’m also barely on Parler), they’re not on Minds, and the most popular platform I am on (YouTube, which I cannot find a live streaming replacement for… yet) is the one where basically people remember I exist. (Not that I have any great interest in reminding anyone.) Because the wide crowd I knew was, and is, still just sitting on Facebook and Twitter. They banned the President of the United States. In any America other than this bloated, milk dud-chewing one that we have, that would be cause for actual alarm.

Of course, having largely dropped most of the system, the biggest security risk from Big Tech isn’t your social media. It’s your devices, most notably your phone. Not only does the phone act as a gateway to your internal information, in some cases you have no access to certain services without Google’s control, which when you think about it is insane. There are online banks which will only allow “secure access” through Google’s control features (which primarily consist of Google controlling your digital fingerprint.) Even after de-Googling my phone (I am currently running LineageOS on my phone) certain apps like my email require access to Google’s services to give me push notifications (which would mean a great deal to me if I cared about push notifications for my email, which I don’t, as I usually check it four times a day.) So really switching out of the system has its inconveniences.

That said, being able to pretty much avoid Facebook and Twitter has changed life for the better. I had more time on my hands, which, following Parkinson’s Law, has meant I immediately had more to do. I still have to occasionally go back to use Big Tech’s services, but I am conscious of my presence on them. Using them is obvious and noticeable to me every time I do so.

My Phone running LineageOS and its front drawer selection of apps.

De-Googling my phone, however, has been like a dream come true. I have used two systems: Ubuntu Touch and LineageOS (formerly known as CyanogenMod). The biggest inconvenience, again, has been in cases where Google made itself some company’s gatekeeper. But generally the devices work faster, you know there is no corporation surveiling you, and you feel freer knowing your tech is working for you, and not the other way around.

Now, if only we could fix that live-streaming issue. Unfortunately, the only open and free services that seem to be out there are LBRY and DLive (and DLive leaves me questioning, if even someone as mundane as Alex Jones can get banned.) I am not sure how DLive’s interface works, and to my knowledge LBRY doesn’t have a live interface at all. I have thought about Jitsi Meet on Minds,but it looks like a bit of a learning curve will be involved.