Papist Doomerism and Why It's All a Huge Attack of Pride

St Peter’s Basilica 500 years after people, according to basic cable

If you’re expecting videos, the wait is almost over. I should be able to livestream to Odysee starting tomorrow. On to a related topic (God allowing, it will likely be about some of the actual errors of one of the fellows below.)

It seems The Catholic Answerâ„¢ these days is “we know the porridge is rancid, but you’d best eat it!”

Gone are the days of even pretending the Roman Catholic Church is anything but a broken, worldly religion among some of its current leading apologists. Reason and Theology‘s Michael Lofton is simply a ball of supposedly righteous indignation at the Church he not only affirms to be part of, but also thinks you should join if you want to be saved. Steve Skojec of OnePeterFive shared a story of his Catholicism which is simply traumatic, which produced volumes of comments of shared Papist misery.

Reading it, I started to feel like my former life as a Papist might have been a rather happy go-lucky story, which makes God’s choice for me to defend Orthodoxy really strange– like why not one of these unhappy people instead? And then, that is when some thoughts started to come down the path as they do. The first one was the darkest thought: why does it seem like all these people see only the Roman Catholic Church or atheism? I can get why they eliminate Protestantism– it’s basically ecclesiastical anarchy and we all know it– but while some converts come to Orthodoxy, the feeling I get from these guys is that they would rather burn the whole thing down internally than just admit the possibility of being wrong, and the only time I’ve ever seen that is with folks that were in cults.

It seems like pointing out the obvious– that none of the Fathers and Orthodox Popes taught that the Pope of Rome had all spiritual and temporal authority over the entire earth– is some sort of massive problem that needs to be solved, buried, the Fathers reframed in this monarchical context to “save Catholicism”– when it is precisely that earthly, post-schism, Hildebrandian monarchy that created the problem to begin with. It’s why people who truly leave Catholicism for Orthodoxy (and I mean abandon the entire scholastic mindset with it and just start over) have no real interest in coming back. Finding the Catholic Church is easy if you just start from the beginning and admit you didn’t know where it was.

And yet nobody wants to do that. We hide behind Patristic quote-barrages and ever-increasing libraries and bask in the fact that we were on the Catholic Cable Channel and got to talk about our conversion! I mean, that’s got to count for something, right? Until it doesn’t.

There is something to be said in experience in all this. The experiences that make these folks also hold them back. After my conversion, I had no friends. I started alone, and at ground zero. Maybe that’s what scares them, even though they are already alone to a degree to begin with, because shared misery alone a True Church does not make.