Phew! When you read an old about page and it doesn’t much describe you anymore, it’s time to update it. Or revamp it. Or get rid of it and start all over.

Well, I can keep this part. My name is Deacon Joseph Suaiden (short for Deacon Joseph Mahomond-Suaiden, which, thanks to internet trolls trying to falsely claim I am using my actual family name fraudulently, I list for legal reasons). Just call me “Deacon” (ok, yes, it’s technically a title but I prefer it). I’ve worked most of my life in sales and currently work in freelance writing on a wide variety of different subjects. I follow a number of trends dealing with marketing, technology, and where the two intersect. People ask about my name but it basically comes from family spinning across four continents for four centuries and both my parents being born in South America and meeting here to create… me! So I’m Latino with a funky last name from Brooklyn.

If you’re looking for a freelance writer, reach out to me if you need help with a writing project of any size. If the topic interests me, I’ll do it.


Android 6.0 is pretty.

I am married to a beautiful and serious woman who happens to also be an amazing web designer. I have a number of children, which for their safety and security, I do not generally discuss. Well, till they’re adults and say I can publicly dote on them anyway!

I used to write a lot about Eastern Orthodox apologetics, and then I stopped, and then I started again, but mostly on social media. I am an Orthodox Christian Deacon in Northeast Pennsylvania, in the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of the Americas and British Isles.  I’ve written and edited a few books, and probably am most generally disliked for NFTU True Orthodox and Ecumenical News, of which I am general editor, and have been for the past decade.

I used to focus a lot on Linux in my old intro, but that was basically before Android took over, and now everyone has the Linux kernel on their phones without even knowing it. So I write articles occasionally on where mobile tech is going for online magazines.

I watch a lot of soccer when I have time to watch television, and I am a New York Cosmos supporter. I feel promotion and relegation are the future of the sport.