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    First new episode in a month!

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    Current winners today: Kyle Rittenhouse, the First Amendment
    Current losers today: Biden, the media establishment, and apparently Black Rifle Coffee

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    The Neverending Apocalypse; Why Duginism is so Attractive to Dogebois, Et Cetera 

    I write this from my amazingly cool (and owned, not rented) new house, with my amazingly cool wife, my amazingly cool family, amazingly cool doggo and… the cat.

    I am just writing thoughts, because my brain is so far behind in organizing things that I am sort of moving in some sort of fugue state between shifts at my new job and just existing in my new home, which is still a weird thing to me. I haven’t done a video, haven’t fought a heretic, haven’t done much in the way of Church… in short I haven’t done much of being myself. But I have watched a lot of videos and that definitely counts for something.

    Anyone born past the late 70’s remember Cliff Richard? I didn’t either. I just remembered a lyric– “it’s so funny that we don’t talk anymore”– and thinking that lyric was hilarious decades after hearing it in childhood, looked up what I thought would be a one-hit wonder, and finding one of the biggest-selling recording artists of all time that I– and probably you– never heard of. Why? Because I am an American and most people I talk to are American, and in America before the Internet, Cliff Richard was basically a minor celebrity while in the rest of the world he was in fact super-famous. Kind of like how David Hasselhoff is known in Europe for his singing, not his acting. But I digress.

    I can’t stop loving the movie Free Guy, an inversion of The Matrix that was– shockingly and probably with more nefarious purposes– made by Disney. (I was going to write an essay about that instead. Be grateful I was still in my semi-coma last week.) Free Guy was so much better than The Matrix because the humans in both movies were pretty much trash, but the AI was at least as lovable as our buddy Google in the former. Expect the Wachowski brothers to make a Matrix movie which reinforces the awfulness (RED PILLS FOR EVERYONE). Why, it’s coming in December! Even the promo soundtrack is appropriately boomer. (No, I’m not linking it.)

    Ecumenism has few outcomes if we look at it statistically. Unlike your typical heresy such as Arianism, it has little real attractiveness to real people because it has no apocalyptic ending that doesn’t look like a bad Woodstock ripoff; that said, it is acceptable to the pansexuals who comprise The Elite™ of the pantheon of current human existence because, like the leaders of the Ecumenism themselves, they don’t believe in anything. Because of this simple fact, the outcome of such a pathetic belief system is already doomed– eventually Christians wake up, all the other less useful religions wake up, and everyone takes up arms against each other. It’s just what humans do. We can cOeXi$t but that’s not ecumenism per se, that’s just basic survival. (And some of those folks will Allahu Akbar their neighbors in an explosion, as it’s been for centuries.) But those involved with ecumenism (for and against, but still on the gameboard, unlike yours truly and anyone else who doesn’t take ecumenists seriously anymore) have to either accept the “council of religions” no one believes in and turn it into some sort of dangerous super-antichrist type, so mix that in with religiously agnostic AI and THE DANGERS OF TECHNOLOGY and now the “Great Satan” must be AI itself, which had the unfortunate circumstance of rising in countries where the “Christians” in question were mostly illiterate rubes or almost non-existent at the time.

    Thus, rather than see the Antichrist nature of stuff like the vaccines the way they think about it on Athos (just kidding, they’re not arresting COVID-doubting Athonites or anything), these people are focused on giving credence to the mental masturbations of people who want to make us really believe in stuff like being in a simulation to help us one day live in a simulation, as well as the antidote: a return to “agrarianism” in near-apocalyptic terms (think about it: do you own a house? Are you farming right now? I know the answer: it’s no, because if you were, you’d be too busy counting your victories to take these people seriously or read this, probably linked from Gab or Minds.) “Traditionalists” (lol) like Dugin are actually pro-COVID. They need to make up a Great Satan because they don’t really believe in one. The Great Satan is technology, and here is their Gospel:

    And both ecumenists and anti-ecumenists stuck inside the gameboard can play interchanging “hero” and “villain” while the rest of the world ignores them. To these people and the Dogebois who love them, earth is like that claymation cartoon I can’t find where humanity goes from listening to nature and playing simple instruments to getting louder and then getting to rock music and starting off atomic bombs blowing up everything until finally the few that are left are just listening to nature and playing simple instruments.

    As far as reality goes, however, the ecumenists actually seem to be digging themselves deeper to where, outside of a few dumb monuments founded by rich Muslims who own football teams (the real big “ecumenical” stuff is owned by Rome), their decline seems to me inevitable. Besides the absolutism of the gene-therapy-as-called-vaccine and “science” (I never, ever, thought we’d reach a point where putting “science” in quotes could actually make MODERN SCIENCE a subject of mockery, but here we are) only a decided majority in World Orthodoxy, despite a dearth of mitres (and a slight majority among True Orthodox, with a few more mitres) are concerned about the ramifications of blind obedience to secular states demanding their citizens inject themselves with unknown living ingredients synthesized by pharmaceutical companies which — coincidentally– have also paid out billions internationally for killing lots of people.

    Meanwhile, in the tech war, Orthodox Christians– and Christians in general– are far behind but at least we’re aware of it now. This is no accident: we confused technological progress (which is naturally agnostic) with the people behind said progress (who generally are not agnostic, and decidedly not pro-Christian). If you are a Christian, you are a bad guy to Big Tech (which you should embrace anyway.) It’s worth noting that I am not being Trumpian on this point: Gab’s Andrew Torba lost access to the Visa network long before “the insurrection”. Unfortunately this can hurt missionary progress: this means that Islamic propaganda has sway among the liberal tech elite, which means Islamic propaganda gets promoted, which is inadvertently great for us, because nothing makes Christianity look good better than Islam.

    In the midst of the chaos, I have– even among those dear to me– recently been accused of a sort of amillennialism, a skeptic of the obvious truth of the imminent reign of Antichrist, who will probably– despite all the teachings of the Fathers to the contrary– look like a tech nerd. Because I cannot humanly see a reason to see the collapse of America as synonymous with the collapse of earth, despite my happening to live in America, I ignorantly opine that maybe we can see signs of the reign of Antichrist because we have been seeing signs of the reign of Antichrist for centuries. Did the Internet really bring us closer to Antichrist than, say, the printing press? How about the barcode system everybody uses in literally almost every store that isn’t a farmer’s market– that has 666 baked into it? Isn’t it possible that we are careening towards the reign of Antichrist at least as quickly as 1980? Or 1580? Or 1080? Or… 80? And that we just happen to be closer?

    Isn’t there at least the possibility that while we muse about the lives of perceived one-hit wonders like Cliff Richard that the real people we perceive as such are living wildly successful lives without us? And if that’s true, since we don’t comprise 2/3 of the inhabited earth we are in fact seeing what we think is the end of the universe from the comparatively insignificant lens of the end of the Empire we used to live in, and are in fact not simply witness to a period of destruction of the past, but are unwittingly engaged in an ideological war over our future, one in which we finally realize we weren’t in charge of anything except ourselves anyway?

    Rather instead, let’s get ourselves to Church.

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    Should I start a forum on this thing? Make it useful?

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    How dumb is this man https://beckernews.com/biden-meets-the-pope-and-utters-one-of-the-most-embarrassing-lines-ever-said-by-a-president-42781/

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    Bishop Enoch’s site is back online! Check it out at https://traditionalwesternorthodoxchristian.blogspot.com/

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    Mood for today 

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    Couldn’t take the spam anymore. Added Askimet. Unlike all of my experiences since finally moving stuff off Big Tech more permanently, this one didn’t cost me money.

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    Papist Doomerism and Why It's All a Huge Attack of Pride 

    St Peter’s Basilica 500 years after people, according to basic cable

    If you’re expecting videos, the wait is almost over. I should be able to livestream to Odysee starting tomorrow. On to a related topic (God allowing, it will likely be about some of the actual errors of one of the fellows below.)

    It seems The Catholic Answer™ these days is “we know the porridge is rancid, but you’d best eat it!”

    Gone are the days of even pretending the Roman Catholic Church is anything but a broken, worldly religion among some of its current leading apologists. Reason and Theology‘s Michael Lofton is simply a ball of supposedly righteous indignation at the Church he not only affirms to be part of, but also thinks you should join if you want to be saved. Steve Skojec of OnePeterFive shared a story of his Catholicism which is simply traumatic, which produced volumes of comments of shared Papist misery.

    Reading it, I started to feel like my former life as a Papist might have been a rather happy go-lucky story, which makes God’s choice for me to defend Orthodoxy really strange– like why not one of these unhappy people instead? And then, that is when some thoughts started to come down the path as they do. The first one was the darkest thought: why does it seem like all these people see only the Roman Catholic Church or atheism? I can get why they eliminate Protestantism– it’s basically ecclesiastical anarchy and we all know it– but while some converts come to Orthodoxy, the feeling I get from these guys is that they would rather burn the whole thing down internally than just admit the possibility of being wrong, and the only time I’ve ever seen that is with folks that were in cults.

    It seems like pointing out the obvious– that none of the Fathers and Orthodox Popes taught that the Pope of Rome had all spiritual and temporal authority over the entire earth– is some sort of massive problem that needs to be solved, buried, the Fathers reframed in this monarchical context to “save Catholicism”– when it is precisely that earthly, post-schism, Hildebrandian monarchy that created the problem to begin with. It’s why people who truly leave Catholicism for Orthodoxy (and I mean abandon the entire scholastic mindset with it and just start over) have no real interest in coming back. Finding the Catholic Church is easy if you just start from the beginning and admit you didn’t know where it was.

    And yet nobody wants to do that. We hide behind Patristic quote-barrages and ever-increasing libraries and bask in the fact that we were on the Catholic Cable Channel and got to talk about our conversion! I mean, that’s got to count for something, right? Until it doesn’t.

    There is something to be said in experience in all this. The experiences that make these folks also hold them back. After my conversion, I had no friends. I started alone, and at ground zero. Maybe that’s what scares them, even though they are already alone to a degree to begin with, because shared misery alone a True Church does not make.

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    Two Questions and One Long Answer on the Value of Tradition… and Obedience 

    I received both an email and a Youtube comment over the past couple of days with rather similar themes, so I am putting them up here with a response for the sake of others who may be curious as to the “right thing to do”. As I am neither priest nor pastor, I do not give spiritual advice. What I can do as an apologist is educate, and so I hope this answer is edifying.

    First, the questions. Here’s the first:

    Hi Deacon Joseph

    I followed your advice and read around 20-25 pages by Overbeck and highlighted what’s important or what I found personally interesting

    As well I tried to follow your advice of going to a parish I have one in mind but I’m afraid transportation would be an issue my family is “overwhelming” in support of vaccines and always bug me for I didn’t or not wish to get it.

    As well the parish is Russian, my family background is Ukrainian and they used to go a Ukrainian Constantinople parish but for me personally they are way too liberal and under the state

    I had an idea I go behind my families back and email the Russian priest for their laws, restrictions and tell them my case and hopefully arrange some transportation with my family knowing

    What are your thoughts on this? -A.

    And the second, with similar thoughts:

    Dear Father Deacon Joseph,

    Do you recommend that people like me who are “stuck” with a modernist, new calendarist Orthodox parish being the only one to attend, make a switch to the Patristic old calendar in their own homes without causing a stir? Does this solve problems or only create more? I am inspired by the example of Eldress Myrtidiotissa of Kliessoura in this. – T.W.

    I am answering both of these questions together because they both deal with the question of understanding tradition, as well as the virtue of obedience.

    In the first place, the tradition of the Church is a gift of God.  In other words Orthodox Christians do and should treat our sacred tradition as a gift. Therefore anything that changes or takes away from that for any reason is literally taking a gift that ultimately comes from God and withholding it from the faithful. This applies to everything from our canons and rules and calendar to our fasts, our feasts, how we pray and ultimately how we live. The sacred calendar is the product of thousands of years of Saints adorning the feasts of Our Lord Jesus Christ that we celebrate regularly every year. Therefore it should be obvious that taking away from that tradition is as far as I can see a theft of the tradition from the faithful (and the priests lead the faithful), and they have a right to be upset about it.

    However, in both these cases, we see another overriding question, and that is one of obedience to authority– in one case, to parents, in the other, to the only available parish.

    To answer the first case: as a clergyman and a parent, I would never advise disobedience to your parents unless they place you at severe risk of physical or spiritual harm, even when you are old enough to make your own decisions (after which you may politely disagree.) Indeed, honoring one’s father and mother is one of the commandments. Even if I was a horrible person and advised otherwise, I assume any relatively intelligent priest would immediately balk at the idea and advise you to speak to your parents about your feelings on the matter. If you are underage, this would be not only an unwise undertaking on the part of the clergy, it could also be illegal. If what you truly want is to go to the Russian parish, I would advise to be firm and consistent in your position with your parents while respecting their decisions. It would make things more difficult for you in the short term, but in the long term they may see the wisdom of your position. They may not. Unfortunately, they are the parents and have to make life changing decisions for you. You may have to be patient, and be firm in your position; you may even have to discuss it together with their priest. But if your firmness is grounded in obedience, your parents will appreciate it and regard your obedience as maturity.

    On the matter of vaccines, however, the facts are on your side: you can even show them handy FDA warnings like this and articles about dead young people who took the vaccine. No loving parent– none– would place their child at risk of harm unless there was a severely good reason. While the media may trumpet the need for parents to jab their kids, the numbers don’t seem to bear out that they are actually doing so; if your parents haven’t forced you to get the vaccine, they are more concerned for your well-being than what the state wants. Keep it that way!

    As for Overbeck, this is the book I recommended.

    To answer the second case: as a True Orthodox, I cannot ever see the use of the “New Calendar.” I don’t understand its use. None of the Bishops nor most of the priests and clergy I know or communicate with use it. My entire experience with the dual calendar was staring at one given to me as a gift, confused, as a Roman Catholic after visiting an OCA parish. I didn’t understand how Pascha was on the “Greek day” but all the saints I recognized that were on it were on the same day as mine (I also didn’t understand the concept of the Typikon– it’s here, bottom right— or Paschalion then). As someone on the way to formally becoming a Uniate (request sent to Rome and everything) before I became Orthodox, I was attending Uniate parishes also using the full Orthodox Calendar. And for the year or so I was in the official Church when I left ROAC, I attended an ACROD parish– that was also on the Church Calendar. So I cannot really understand your request: as an Orthodox Christian, what’s keeping you from using the traditional calendar at all? The Sundays are on the Paschal cycle save for commemorations and an occasional hymn.

    Here, obedience comes into play again. Your question has not given me an indication of how you regard your priest. If you regard him as a true priest who is not heretical, then it behooves you just out of the principle of sacred obedience and respect for the clergy to talk to him about your concerns. Tell him you’d like to use the traditional Church calendar at home (shoot, ask him which one to use, he probably gets parish calendars every year from the other parishes that he doesn’t use). Be unashamed of the tradition of the Church wherever you are and with whomever you speak: I’ve seen even OCA parishes use dual calendars in the years I have been Orthodox. In other words, your small effort may have results that can change the minds of others, and bring more people to embrace tradition as well.

    Now, if you regard the priest as a heretic, well, that’s something to discuss with the Bishop, and unfortunately that may mean that your life will undergo some change (priests usually reflect the position of their Bishop). However, it is not your task to help save their souls, but the other way around. You may have to attend a mission at a distance. It all really depends on your situation, and I don’t have enough knowledge to academically advise, I’ll simply answer your question directly:

    Why wouldn’t you? It’s your property as an Orthodox Christian.

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