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  • Dcn Joseph Suaiden 8:50 pm on May 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    PinePhone and how the consumer cellular market may be the next big profitable area for GNU/Linux 

    So I’m basically all over the hype and joy for PinePhone, the newest Linux phone (and by far the cheapest) hitting the markets today. It’s far from feature complete (it seems to be a really spur of the moment choice to add Ubuntu Touch), but it seems overall flawless. Add in the UBPorts community supporting the hardware, and you have a no-brainer.

    But this got me thinking: if they make this work, we know they’ll be able to scale up– and can they go even cheaper?

    The one difference between phones and most computers is the bricking problem. On most computers, if you try to install an operating system that it didn’t come with, you can usually restore the operating system it shipped with or put in a new one. On a phone, there is no such safety. Outside the phone’s own OS updates, you’re usually not changing anything. And when you do make a change, it usually has to be built to the phone’s own architecture. With the PinePhone, this changes things as the phone already has multiple distros being optimized for it. Your phone can become an extension of your computer. Or, as in the convergence ideal, simply replace it.

    What won’t happen, however? Bricking. The phones are being designed to be hackable. And this means that people looking for an accessible, hackable phone will soon find them. But who else will be looking? People who just need a phone and might not want an Android or iPhone. So worth considering is the market of users who don’t want an Android or iOS device who actually have no intention of hacking their phone anyway.

    It’s worth considering.

  • DcnJosephSuaiden 8:11 pm on July 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    How I Learned to Appreciate LibreOffice, or Why Sometimes the Best Things Are Right In Front of You 

    It takes a while to get happy about a program function– sometimes years– but when it happens, it’s worth talking about. Of course, sometimes one must– as they said on DC comics shows like 500 times last season– endure a crucible for this appreciation to firmly develop.

    I finally appreciated LibreOffice today.

    (More …)

  • DcnJosephSuaiden 10:26 am on October 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Early Morning, Wakey Wakey 

    SImageo here we are at 6 AM in the Signoria. Quiet and peaceful. I haven’t written much personally, because so much of life has become unfortunately attached to the computer.

    Which is a shame, because I can walk to the corner and see the beautiful mountain ranges in bright autumn colors to either side of me instead of spending time talking about soccer on Twitter. A bigger shame, as I am neglecting the tiny domestic chapel I used to dream of one day making use of. A huge shame, as I should pay more attention to my youngest son.

    So much time has been spent just trying to survive I think I’ve forgotten how to be a productive husband, father, and cleric. I’m relearning life and there isn’t much of a curve to grade on, so I guess I get a “D” for the quarter and have to work my way up to a “B” this term. (Unless, God forbid, this is the end, and life ends on a “D”. Again, I hope not.)

    In any case, I thought about this late last night, having become a huge fan of using Puppy Linux, particularly Slacko, just as its main developer has decided to retire. I hope he reconsiders or at least puts together a team of dedicated users (Puppy has a lot of them) to keep the project going. I’m going to help in whatever way I can; if Puppy can keep going, I’ll base another Colorwheel on it. (Puppy has hundreds of wonderful respins. What a creative community!)

    But that wasn’t my idea. The size of Puppy did get me thinking, however: what would it be like to create a “blank” Puppy running Wine, with a slight modification to it to run its virtual desktop that calculates the size of the screen at startup? I just think it’s funny that so much of Windows runs through Wine just fine that in theory a thin-client “Wine OS” (getting old; I had to double check my use of the term “thin-client”) is theoretically possible already. Were I to do that (I’m not) I’d probably call it “ThinWinPup”.

    I finally have another book idea! I’ll talk about that some other time. Like when it’s written.

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